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  1. Awesome blog! I saw it’s posted this year 2024- I will be there May 24, I’ve read different dates on when Fire Wave trail is closed, the parks site says May-Sept and other sites say June 1… I’m hoping it’s still open when we go!!!

    1. Hey, Candace! Thanks so much for reading my blog and for bringing this to my attention! I did some digging, and it does appear as though they’ve recently updated their website. As a result, they have some new rules – including closing the Fire Wave in May, and closing down other trails during the summer as well. Looks like the White Domes Loop, Pinnacles Loop, Prospect Trail, Arrowhead Trail, Natural Arch Trail, and Charlie’s Spring will be closed May-September, too. I hope you still have a great trip to Valley of Fire – even just the scenic drive is so beautiful!

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